Our Philosophy

We believe in the inherent goodness of humanity.

We strongly believe that each person has an immense capability to cultivate care, kindness, compassion and discernment. We work towards nurturing and building upon people’s ability to do good by developing unique and accessible methodologies using educational tools.

Our Framework

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AGN’s framework is geared towards making young individuals into sensitive, responsible and ethical citizens by inculcating an understanding and application of the overall framework of Universal Ethics Education (UEE). Our curriculum helps students and young individuals regulate their emotions and behaviour, ultimately making them happier, healthier, academically competent and more adept in facing the challenges of the modern world.

Our framework follows a flexible context-driven approach to curriculum design and implementation in diverse community settings, adopting both sequential and modular approaches to learning.

The Universal Ethics Curriculum is designed for children in the age group of 4-14 years. It focuses on the four dimensions of Universal Ethics and the three domains of learning - the self, others and society.


Ethics of Restraint

Helps us recognise and regulate emotions, thoughts and behaviour.

Ethics of Virtue

Help us develop positive qualities and traits.

Ethics of Compassion

Help us become empathetic and work towards reducing the suffering of others.

Discernment & Universal Responsibility

Putting others' interests and requirements at par with ourselves.

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scholarship news
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Our Partners


Kaza Administration

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New Delhi Municipal Council

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Department of Women and Child Development

Government of NCT of Delhi