Our Story

AyurGyan Nyas (AGN) is a not-for-profit working towards the development and integration of Universal Ethics Education (UEE) in educational institutes, organisations and grassroots community spaces. Established in 2014 under the aegis of the Dalai Lama Trust (DLT), we believe in developing academics and students as ethically, socially and emotionally aware individuals.

To realise our vision, we develop and deploy Universal Ethics based curriculum interventions for young individuals in institutional and community settings. Our programmes are aimed at providing children, teachers, parents and community actors with the necessary tools to develop healthy interpersonal, social, and professional relationships.

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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to equip young individuals with the necessary social, emotional and ethical tools that can aid in developing and sustaining emotionally healthy, empathetic, compassionate and ethical practices, social relationships and cultivate informed decision-making. We believe that Universal Ethics can be a powerful lever for creating just, inclusive, caring and healthy communities that support all individuals in developing as agents of self and social transformation.

Our Team