In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.

~HH Dalai Lama

 Ayur Gyan Nyas was founded with the vision to use science to enrich the inner values of students, hoping to make the coming generation more compassionate, caring, kind and free of negative emotions.

In the present day scenario, it has been observed by many parents and teachers that the existing education system focuses more on materialistic growth rather than making students better human beings. The existing system of education needs to imbibe new pedagogies so that ethical values can be inculcated in children and they become caring, compassionate and more peaceful and responsible. Ayur Gyan Nyas wishes to transform the change their perspective and help them develop a global worldwide outlook to promote National integration, Interfaith and Global Harmony.

Ayur Gyan Nyas hopes to leave better children for the world by implementing specially designed curriculum in schools which can help parents and teachers to have an insight into their destructive nature. It has been found that at the more subtle level these destructive emotions like anger, hatred, malice, vengeance, jealousy and lust are the cause of all destructive activities in life. And in order to make children understand the same, adults must first understand and practice it first.

Thus, many people from all walks of life all across the world are coming forward to make these changes in favor of peace and tolerance. Psychologists have started studying the impact of negative emotions on the mind have and discovered that they are extremely harmful to the human mind and body. The scientists are, therefore, stressing on following spiritual practices. When people get scientific proof to support spiritual practices, they accept them more willingly. The things they had discarded in religious scriptures are now being practiced because of scientific proof in their favor.

Ayur Gyan Nyas is working to design a new and attractive curriculum to lead to the holistic development of students. Animations, comic stripes, stories and mindfulness activities will be included to make it more interesting.