Welcome to Ayur Gyan Nyas

Promoting Universal Ethics in Education


Ayur Gyan Nyas, a trust established by the initiatives of Late Shri Kulbhushan Bakshi, to carry forward the work of Mind and Life Institute-USA in India, aims to make ethical education an inevitable part of the curriculum of present education system, in order to influence the future generation to be able to understand the values of compassion, kindness, love, forgiveness and affection so that they grow up as sensitive and caring adults along with responsible citizen.

Here we attempt to present HH Dalai Lama’s rationale for universal ethics by drawing from his works on universal ethics like Beyond Religion and Ethics of the New Millennium along with other works and public talks.

Academicians have observed that along with intellectual traits students also need to be brought in touch with basic human values like care and compassion along with self awareness and clarity of thought, which is the very aim of AyurGyan Nyas (Regd.).